# Other Unmix Tools

# nussl

Python library which provides implementations of common source separation algorithms, including several lead and accompaniment separation approaches, such as REPET, REPET-SIM, KAM, as well as approaches based on NMF and source-filter, RPCA, and deep learning.

# untwist

Python library which provides implementations of common source separation algorithms, including lead and accompaniment separation approaches. The library also includes various utilities such as data management and TF transforms.

# Evaluation Tools

  • bss_eval v3 Reference Implementation of BSSeval in Matlab.
  • PEASS Matlab based Perceptual Evaluation Toolbox.
  • mir_eval Python based implementation of bss_eval v3.
  • museval Python based implementation of bss_eval v4, as used for SISEC 2018 evaluation campaign.

# Commercial Tools

# Audionamix TRAX


# Izotope RX7

# Magix NEXT

# Paper Implementations

URL Year License Language
https://github.com/wslihgt/separateLeadStereo 2011 GPL Python
http://openblissart.github.io/openBliSSART 2011 GPL C/C++
https://github.com/posenhuang/singingvoiceseparationrpca 2012 Apache Matlab
https://github.com/zafarrafii/REPET 2013 GPL Matlab/Python
http://www.mtg.upf.edu/node/2851?p=MASS - AudioScanner 2013 ? Matlab
http://isse.sourceforge.net 2013 GPL C/C++
https://members.loria.fr/ALiutkus/kam 2014 AGPL Matlab
http://bass-db.gforge.inria.fr/fasst 2014 QPL C++/Python/Matlab
https://github.com/jaidevd/deep_kareoke_source_separation 2015 BSD Matlab
https://github.com/posenhuang/deeplearningsourceseparation 2015 Apache Matlab
https://members.loria.fr/ALiutkus/kaml 2015 AGPL Matlab
https://github.com/aliutkus/commonfate 2016 BSD Python
https://github.com/ecreager/vibntf 2016 Apache Python
https://github.com/Js-Mim/aes_wimp 2016 GPL Python
https://github.com/Js-Mim/mlsp2017_svsep_skipfilt 2017 GPL Python
https://github.com/Js-Mim/mss_pytorch 2017 GPL Python